Star ratings get lost when copying albums from one collection to another?

Tonio Kroeger tonio.kroeger1903 at
Sun Oct 29 06:12:01 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I have a collection on my local hard disk where all pictures come in from
the camera. This is the place where I filter, prepare, tag and star rate my
pictures. From time to time I copy albums from the local disk to a
collection on a external usb-disk. This has been fine over years but now I
realized I lost several months of star ratings!

All star ratings just disappear when moving an album from the local hard
disk to the external hard disk. I do this via digikam's move in the GUI. On
the console I do not see any errors.

I reproduced this behaviour with the app-image of 5.7 but I am sure it goes
back several versions. I still use the sql-lite backend. My overall number
of pictures is quit huge, > 300.000.

I suspect a technical issue. On the other hand would it be a good idea to
change my workflow?


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