Error "No plugins were loaded" with digiKam 5.7.0 in Win7-64

Hans Schmidts (WEB) Hans.Schmidts at
Sat Oct 28 11:14:41 BST 2017

After click to "Map" I see error message "No plugins were loaded, ...". 
But the plugins are in the given "System Path" (see screenshot). The 
path is no correct Windows path (mixed forward and backward slash), but 
since Windows API accepts forward slashes this may not be the root cause 
of the problem.
Copying plugins dir from " C:\Tools\digiKam" to 
"C:\Users\Hans\AppData\Local\.marble" does not help, so both possible 
plugins pathes do not work in Windows.

If I switch from "Marble virtual globe" to "Google Maps" there is no 
error message any more, but I would prefer to use "Marble virtual globe" 
with "OpenStreetMap" instead of Goolge...

digiKam-5.7.0-02-Win64.exe, Win7-64 Ult SP2
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