Tag is not saved to xmp sidecar and also not to the image file

Elle Stone ellestone at ninedegreesbelow.com
Wed Oct 25 14:15:19 BST 2017

On 10/21/2017 04:46 PM, Elle Stone wrote:
> If the tag hierarchies were split "cleanly" - no overlap of subtags - 
> then I think it's possible to move an entire tag "branch" at once.

In reality this seems impossible to do. I described the procedures I 
used to try to move a branch in the fifth post in this forum thread:


If I'm making a mistake in the procedure for moving a sub-branch up to 
be a top-level branch, then any help in getting the procedure correct 
would be very much appreciated.

Otherwise, if this really is impossible to do, I want to update a couple 
of digiKam bug reports.

Best regards,

Color management and free/libre photography

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