Slow start with MySQL and NAS

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at
Mon Oct 23 16:37:38 BST 2017

On lundi 23 octobre 2017 16:11:15 CEST Christoph Huckle wrote:
> Hey All,
> I'm experiencing slow starts on my setup.
> All my pictures (>60k) are stored on a local NAS, the MySQL database is on
> the same server.
> Startup time is heavily depending on network performance.
> With 1Gb LAN connection max 5min, with wireless lan up to 30min.
> Tested on Ubuntu 17.10, Win10, MacOS. All behave similar.
> Please let me know how I can provide more helpful information.

Digikam is probably looking for new items in the collection, and/or cleaning 
the database. Both of these can be disabled in the configuration dialog, under 
"Miscellaneous": "Scan for new items at startup" and "Remove obsolete core 
database objects" (both are marked as "(makes startup slower)").


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