All tagging lost

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Tue Oct 17 19:36:11 BST 2017

Could you please post here:
I switched to mysql awhile ago, got this issue, got freaked out and switched back to sqlite and never looked back :)
Your database digging might actually help to find what is causing the issue.

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If no one will help me I'll have to help myself.
So I dug deeper into the website and found how to get a dump of the trace
messages (DbgView.exe as I'm running on Windows), and then found the
following suspicious lines:

[18488] digikam.general: Failed to find parent tag for tag 
"_Digikam_Internal_Tags_"  with pid  -1
[18488] digikam.general: Failed to find parent tag for tag  "People"  with
pid  -1

Took a look at the tags table, and assuming pid = parent id and assuming
only _Digikam_root_tag_ I modified the above error tags' pid to 0

This fixed my issue and tags are now back.

One question remains: why were these values changed to -1 instead of 0?
I can promise I didn't mess with the DB up until today.

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