All tagging lost

SkyDiver skydivergm at
Sat Oct 14 12:44:02 BST 2017

Haven't used digiKam (5.6) for a while and when I launched it today I saw
that 5.7 is out. 
After upgrading to 5.7 the Tags/People trees are empty.
(*) Since I haven't used the app in a while, I can't tell if this is a
direct result of the upgrade or not. 

I rolled back to 5.6 and the behavior persisted so I re-installed 5.7. 

I already lost all taging once in v5.6 and had to re-tag everything. This
time I first took a look at the database and noticed that all the data is
there, well organized in the various tables. 

My configuration is: 
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit 
    MySQL: External instance, running on the same OS. 

Here's a dump of the statistics from digiKam's Help menu: 
    digikam version 5.7.0 
    BMP: 4 
    JPG: 29108 
    PNG: 28 
    total: 29140 
    AVI: 4 
    MOV: 255 
    MP4: 1066 
    MTS: 24 
    total: 1349 
    Total Items: 30489 
    Albums: 190 
    Tags: 46 
    Database backend: QMYSQL 
    Host Name: 
    Host Port: 3306 
    User account: digikam 
    Connect options: 
    Core Db name: digikam 
    Thumbs Db name: digikam 
    Face Db name: digikam 

Your help is appreciated.

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