Digikam can't/won't open photo files

Dave B dave at bramwell.org.uk
Fri Oct 13 11:55:15 BST 2017

Good morning,

I've had some problems with my system(!) and am now more or less back to 
where I was (I think!)

I have reloaded digikam several times either with dnf or yumex-dnf.  
Each time, I get a normal start of digikam 5.6, but I am unable to open 
any photos.  I have tried running the "start --> graphics-->digikam", 
digikam starts, displays the "What's new" page + the various frames, and 
stops.  I cannot find out how to get rid of the "what's new" page, 
cannot open any photo files, cannot get into the file listing to be able 
to open an album......

If I try right-click on a .pdf file, there is no digikam heading in the 
"open with" sub menu.......

It all used to work smoothly.....

Can anyone suggest a way to get digikam to start?????


fedora 26

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