Digikam & Rawtherapee

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Fri Oct 6 22:47:36 BST 2017

If you use the appimage and right click- open with - the menu you see isn't the system open with menu. It looks pretty custom made so that is why I call it "custom menu " 

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> open with menu seems to look different for KDE and non-KDE distros.
> It is the system open with menu on KDE and a custom menu on
> none-KDE. In the custom menu you can just type "darktable
> --whatever paramemters"

I forgot to mention that I'm using XFCE on archlinux.

What's a custom menu?
* In DK? I googled, can't find anything except the ^M.
* In Thunar (the file manager)? Done: (custom action) but somehow DK
  doesn't recognize that
* In XFCE? I don't know where to start


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