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Andreas T. Ege andreas at spheniscid.net
Fri Oct 6 13:14:08 BST 2017

Hi there,

On 05.10.2017 04:08, AndriusWild wrote:
> I guess the best way would be to download the latest pre-release appimage
> (5.8.0 at the moment), run it in terminal with debug option and try to
> reproduce the issue. If you could record a screencast that would help
> developers to understand the issue better as well.
will do at some point.
Am a bit stressed timewise at the moment, between baby, making the house
baby proof, new job and a hundred other things grumbling, like getting
my back-ups sorted (again) and updating the system.
Not sure if screencast will add much information, only thing to see is
stars look different after doing a lot of tagging, but will try.

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