Problems with icons in album display

Stuart T Rogers stuart at
Tue Oct 3 17:52:06 BST 2017


Thanks for the suggestion, I did that and also removed a system file 
called ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache having done both of those things it is 
now working correctly picking up the system default. I suspect the 
problem may well have been the cache as I only noticed this afternoon 
one or two icons wrong in Dolphin as well.


On 03/10/17 17:05, Maik Qualmann wrote:
> If you have in the digikamrc a section:
> [Icons]
> Theme=
> Remove this section, this also overwrites the used icon theme.
> Maik
> Am Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017, 11:16:12 CEST schrieb Stuart T Rogers:
>> Just discovered that if I go into Configure Digikam and do anything and
>> save it the digikamrc General Setting Icon theme= gets blanked and I'm
>> back to breeze icons on next restart despite the settings saying use
>> system default. Editing it back to oxygen gets me back the icons I want.
>> Now my system default is oxygen so is digikam correctly detecting this
>> or not, what does it check for this so I can ensure my system is set up
>> correctly?
>> Stuart
>> On 03/10/17 02:54, Gilles Caulier wrote:
>>> Do you use the digiKam RPM ? Can you check with the Linux AppImage
>>> bundle 5.7.0 available from download section
>>> For me sound like a packaging issue after all...
>>> Gilles Caulier
>>> 2017-10-03 0:20 GMT+02:00 Stuart T Rogers <stuart at
>>> <mailto:stuart at>>:
>>>      Well I've made a little progress.... I tried various combinations of
>>>      settings in digikam and my system. I have oxygen icons as default
>>>      for the system and digikam should use the system default but it was
>>>      not happening so much so that after trying various things I could
>>>      get nothing but breeze no matter what was specified in miscellaneous
>>>      settings in digikam. So I fixed it by editing the digikamrc file
>>>      while digikam was closed as the icon values were blank, setting them
>>>      to oxygen worked, so now digikam displays the correct icons. However
>>>      it does seem like there could be a problem in digikam somewhere.
>>>      Stuart
>>>      On 02/10/17 10:06, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
>>>          I have just had to re-install my openSUSE Tumbleweed system and
>>>          having got digikam back (5.7) it all works apart from the icons
>>>          showing in the left side panel on the album display. It shows
>>>          the correct folder icon for the main collections but each of the
>>>          sub-directories within each collection shows a different icon
>>>          which looks weird. Seems like the collection icons are Oxygen
>>>          (correct) but the sub-directory icons are Breeze (incorrect).
>>>          Both icon sets are installed and Oxygen is set as default for
>>>          system.
>>>          How do I fix this please?
>>>          Stuart


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