selecting albums

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Sun Oct 1 10:04:54 BST 2017


I'm using DK 5.7.02 and still really appreciate it (thanks to all the 
contributors) and still learning all its capabilities.

one question concerning the way I can select albums in different tools 
(like people search, duplicates,...). seems the only possibility is to 
select all the desired album one by one ( or all) and in particular , 
when selecting a collection doesn't includes all the albums of this 
collection. Am I right ?

may be I can suggest some improvements for a further version. If it 
makes sense, I can create tickets in the bug tracker:

-  possibility to include sub-folders within an album

- possibility to select a collection

- possibility to define exclusions (typically  I have sub-folders when 
I'm saving originals that I don't want to delete, but on which I don't 
want to run face recogniation)

- possibility to define filter to select albums,...

Just my 2 cents

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