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Gianfranco Pancino gpancino at
Tue Nov 21 16:53:46 GMT 2017

What a hard reaction! I'm really surprised. There is a big 
misunderstanding. With my comment, I meant that I was sorry to not be 
able to exploit Digikam, that I was being using for a while, because the 
problems that I found, which made the application not very useful for 
me. Now, with a new installation and thank to the explanations and 
suggestions of Gilles Caulier I'm using again Digikam that works very well.

You should know that I have a great opinion of the developers and 
appreciate a lot their work. May be my comment was unclear and my 
English not enough accurate. I think that your comment is inappropriate 
and unnecessary violent .

Le 21/11/2017 à 14:03, J Albrecht a écrit :
>> On 18 Nov 2017, at 08:52, Gianfranco Pancino <gpancino at 
>> <mailto:gpancino at>> wrote:
>> At the present state it he app is not very useful. What a pity!
> I find comments like this very arrogant, insulting and embarrassing.
> The developers are neither your paid suppliers nor your employees! Of 
> course, make suggestions, voice your desires but please, DO NOT shoot 
> the damn gift horse in the mouth! Graciously accept what is being 
> given to you at absolutely no cost whatsoever. If you don’t like it, 
> move on.

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