Rearranging Tag Tree ???

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Tue Nov 21 13:05:49 GMT 2017

I have had the same problem.I think either Windows or NTFS store the metadata somewhere else and do not respect the data written by digikam.I was not able to solve it.Moving away from Windows / NTFS was a solution for me.
Still some tags pop up in old their places once in a while though.
Different programs write metadata in different places and that is a challenge. Programs like Windows Live Photo Gallery and Picasa do not always follow the industry standards which makes the things almost impossible to solve for an open source software.For example, some xmp data written to my jpegs by WLPG causing exiv2 crashes. DigiKam ignores the error and do not crash nowadays but I would need to take time one day and clean up all that mess. 

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digiKam 5.6.0 in Windows 7

What am I doing wrong or is it a bug ?

In either the tag manager or the right-hand tag pane, when I drag and drop a
tag to become a sub-tag of another tag, it asks "move here? and I click
"move here", at which point the tag and any sub-tags moves where I want it. 

However, even with digiKam remaining open, when I return to digiKam from
another program, all of my tag manipulations will have returned to their
original state.

Some of these tags I have moved a dozen times, yet they will not stay moved;
am I missing something ?

Thanks for reading.

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