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I combined mine in a logic volume using lvm2 and mounted the whole thing as /mnt/pics and used it as the collection in digikam.
You can also mount all the drives in the same folder e.g.Drive A /mnt/pics/aDrive B /mnt/pics/bDrive C /mnt/pics/cand then use /mnt/pics as the collection.
If they are years of pictures instead of a b c you could use "2002-2006" , "2007-2010", 2010-2018" etc
Make sure to backup everything before moving around 
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I have my images over 3 different drives (from all over the years) and
I want to reorganize everything and move them onto a single drive to
cleanup the mess.

How do I create the collection?

* 1 collection
* 1 collection per drive?

Eventually, all images will be deleted from these 3 drives and be
moved to the new drive.

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