Cannot set default email client in Digikam running Windows 10

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at
Mon Nov 6 19:36:51 GMT 2017

Melissa Mendelsohn wrote:
> Just to try, I installed the 32bit version. It connects to my
> Thunderbird now.. but I get a message :Windows cannot find “compose”.
> Any chance of a fix?

According to section "Compose new mail with command line" on this page

it may be tricky to run thunderbird correctly from within a different
application, and it may differ in details depending on the TB version,
and the target OS, e.g. Windows vs. Linux.

Anyway, -compose which is the command to let TB open a message compose
window seems to be mis-interpreted as a filename in the Windows version
of DK. So for me this sounds like a bug in DK, where eventually the TB
command line is not escaped correctly.

Does the name of the file or path to the file you are going to send
contain spaces?


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