File number in renaming

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at
Sun Nov 5 21:53:12 GMT 2017

digikam at wrote:
> DK 5.7.0 on archlinux.
> Is there a "file number" function in the renaming?
> DSCF1234.RAF.
> I want the 1234 that I want to keep. Right now I'm doing
> [file]{range:4,8}. This works if all the files are named aaaa9999 but
> sometimes they are named:
> I want to keep the 1234, I don't want to start a new counter. An
> right now I have to do this manually, instead of a batch or a whole
> album...

If you run kde you can try krename, which can do this. Just run

krename <folder> &

where <folder> is the name of the directory, then you can batch rename
all images in the folder by assembling subsequent file names, with


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