Album thumbnails have vanished

Elle Stone ellestone at
Sat Nov 4 13:53:52 GMT 2017

On 11/03/2017 11:42 AM, Elle Stone wrote:
> A couple days ago I spent a fair amount of time clicking on each "final 
> print" album and selecting an album thumbnail. 
> The next day some of the album thumbnails had disappeared.
> This morning all of the album thumbnails are gone.

So yesterday I set a few thumbnails just to see what would happen when I 
restarted the computers. And yes, they all disappeared.

> Has anyone else had issues with album thumbnails disappearing?
> Is there a way to keep the album thumbnails from disappearing?
> Is the act of renaming an album, and/or moving images in and out of an 
> album, and/or moving the album itself to a different higher-level album, 
> supposed to cause the album thumbnail to disappear?

Before I file a bug report, it would be nice to know if this problem 
with disappearing thumbnails is an issue that affects more than just my 
own installation of digiKam.

It would also be nice to know if perhaps the disappearing of album 
thumbnails is triggered by things like renaming/tagging/moving 
images/moving albums/etc.


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