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Go to digikam settings - metadata- sidecars 

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    Hi Gilles

    thanks for your reply.

    "Using XMP side car with RAW file will be the safe way for the
      future.",  how to use It? is there some configuration to be done ?

    I will test 5.8.0 soon.



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                      9:44 GMT+01:00 frederic chaume <frederic.chaume at>:

                          Hi All
                          I'm using DK 5.7.0 on windows and recently
                            I decided to work on raw files instead of
                          so I have imported those files into DK and
                            tried to geolocalize them. but I got the
                            following errors when applying the changes 


                    Writing metadata to RAW files is only supported
                      by Exiv2 for only few file format, and it said in
                      Metadata config panel, it's dangerous : you can
                      corrupt files.

                    Personalty, as no improvement will be done from
                      Exiv2 team about RAW writing support, i propose to
                      remove definitively this option for DK 6.0.0
                    Using XMP side car with RAW file will be the
                      safe way for the future.

                          nevertheless the geolocalization icon is
                            set on the pictures and if I go back into
                            the tools, seems the information is here.
                    yes, typically in database, and in XMP sidecar
                      if you enable the right option.

                          then I tried to open the map and I'm
                            getting the following error. nevertheless,
                            when clicking on Ok, I'm getting access to
                            the map and I see the pictures on the right



                    This error is fixed in 5.8.0 pre-version
                      installer for Windows. This due to changes in
                      MArble component where plugins need to be stored
                      in the bundle. Try installer here :


                        Gilles Caulier


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