New digikam website source available from KDE's git server

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Fri Mar 31 21:45:05 BST 2017

Download and Support buttons are out of the phone screen. Was that a plan? Just checking.
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I just take a look, and beta site sound better and better all the dayq. Congratulations
2017-03-30 12:51 GMT+02:00 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at>:
It miss the logo of course on the banner...
Gilles Caulier
2017-03-30 12:47 GMT+02:00 Mick Sulley <mick at>:

    It looks good and the bits I tried seem to work.  The only real
      criticism is that I don't see a search option.  Other than that
      the banner on the top of the old site looks better than the plain
      top on the new one, but I can't get too excited about that.



    On 30/03/17 09:57, Gilles Caulier

        Hi all,

        Some tunes have been done on :


        ...and the beta version become suitable. It's not yet
          complete of course but for a first try, it's not to bad. This
          give also a global vision of how the new digiKam web site
          layout will be displayed.

          Please take a look and comment. Thanks in advance

          Gilles Caulier

        2017-03-30 5:10 GMT+02:00 Gilles
          Caulier <caulier.gilles at>:

            I like the simplified layout of contents.
              Can you try to generate a test version by ?



                  2017-03-29 23:29 GMT+02:00
                    Pat David <patdavid at>:

                      I'm starting to feel a little
                        partial to something like this one:

                            On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 2:45
                              PM Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at>

                                mock-up sound good for me.


                                  21:34 GMT+02:00 Pat David <patdavid at>:

                                      was tinkering with some ideas
                                      today, and I thought I would push
                                      them out to share... :)



                                        theme will be dark, no worries.

                                            Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 9:14 AM
                                            Dmitri Popov <lazylegs at>

                                            you for the great work so
                                            far, Mica! I'll start
                                            working on the

                                            content ASAP. Meanwhile, a
                                            couple of quick thoughts.


                                            - As Gilles said, a dark
                                            theme would be much better.

                                            - The template definitely
                                            needs a good header.

                                            - The Download link in the
                                            navigation bar should be
                                            more prominent. It

                                            might be even better to add
                                            a download button to the
                                            right sidebar.

                                            - The digiKam item in the
                                            left corner of the
                                            navigation bar is

                                            - The digiKam Recipes Book
                                            and Donation links don't
                                            work right now.


                                            That's all for now. :-) Keep
                                            up the great work!





                                            On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 8:35
                                            AM,  <mica at>

                                            > Greetings all,


                                            > I've pushed the
                                            migrated website to the KDE
                                            git server. The content

                                            > be there, but I welcome
                                            anyone willing to help check
                                            it out before the

                                            > drupal site is retired.
                                            While Pat and I have done
                                            our best to preserve all

                                            > of the content, nothing
                                            is perfect; things like
                                            checking links and making

                                            > sure pages important to
                                            you are still there need to
                                            be done.


                                            > The site is built using
                                            hugo (
                                            and is available as a

                                            > single, pre-built


                                            > To view the site

                                            > 1. Download or install
                                            hugo v0.19 and put the
                                            binary in your path

                                            > 2. Check out the
                                            website source from git

                                            > git://

                                            > 3. cd

                                            > 4. In a terminal, run
                                            the command "hugo serve" (no

                                            > 5. Open a web browser
                                            and go to http://localhost:1313


                                            > If you'd like to modify
                                            the theme:

                                            > 1. cd

                                            > 2. npm install

                                            > 3. bower install

                                            > 4. npm run server

                                            > 5. cd digikam-org

                                            > 6. hugo serve


                                            > I'd like to make the
                                            gulp task for "npm run
                                            server" run hugo in the

                                            > digikam-org root
                                            instead of in

                                            > have not found time to
                                            do so.


                                            > I'm working on making
                                            it easy to translate the
                                            site, there are strings in

                                            > the i18n folder. You
                                            can see the hugo website for
                                            more information about

                                            > running hugo and
                                            for a few

                                            > more useful npm
                                            commands to build the site.
                                            At some point these

                                            > will get more detailed
                                            and be available on the
                                            digikam site.


                                            > The theme currently
                                            lacks character and is very
                                            boring. We'll be working on

                                            > it and are open to


                                            > If you have any
                                            questions, don't hesitate to


                                            > Best,

                                            > Mica




                                            GPG: 66D1 7CA6 8088 4874
                                            946D  18BD 67C7 6219 89E9



                              GPG: 66D1 7CA6 8088 4874 946D  18BD 67C7
                              6219 89E9 57AC




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