What can the pixls.us photographic community help DigiKam?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 10:22:46 GMT 2017

2017-03-24 8:20 GMT+01:00 <mica at silentumbrella.com>:

> I've started hacking on a template here: https://github.com/pixlsus/dig
> ikam_website_theme. I registered a KDE Identity and I'll request
> developer access this weekend.
> Questions about the content:
> 1. About > Screenshots page: Are these up to date? Do we really need all
> of them?

yes a simple screenshots  page is mandatory, but simplified to a single
view and of course updated. This can be done later. An empty page is enough
for the moment.

2. FAQ page: Can we collapse this into one page?

yes sure.

> 3. I'd like to stream line some of the content pages, as there are many,
> what are the thoughts on this?

Yes, this is the goal of the simplification. I need to llok what can be
done exactly.

> 4. Is there any color scheme anyone had in mind? If possible, please
> provide hex codes. This far I've borrowed a few colors from the KDE website.

Certainly. But a black color based theme will be better as digiKam is photo
application. I'm not sure if KDE website use this kind of theme.

> Lastly, are there any additions that anyone would like to see to the
> website?
Nothing against the existing. So for the moment, to reproduce the current
one is enough. We will see later for improvements. I need to ask to others
developers, after a first pre-release version to review.


Gilles Caulier
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