What can the pixls.us photographic community help DigiKam?

Pat David patdavid at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 21:13:31 GMT 2017

The intention here is to provide a new, modern website that is secure and

Let me address a couple of possible questions up front:

1. The existing site content can be ported over to a new site.  This
includes previous posts in news/blogs and all of the more static pages as
they exist right now.

The only thing we may have a problem with would be the comment system used
by Drupal.  In this case, old comments are likely not going to get brought
over as actual _comments_.  We can probably bring them over as plain
content that gets appended to existing news/blog items.

2. I analyzed the existing site quickly, and noticed that as far as content
pages go, we were looking (roughly) at:

Awards & Reviews
Related Projects & links
News *
Release Plan
Developers Blogs *
digiKam Recipes Book
Donation & Sponsor

Items marked with (*) are the most likely candidates for more frequently
published content.  The rest of the pages are probably fairly consistent
and don't change all that often (every release maybe?).

3. Contributing to the site is easy, just write your content in a
plain-text markdown file.

I assume that you don't want to let everyone publish material to your
website?  No matter what the system (CMS/Static/Whatever), you likely want
a check step in the publishing process.  In the case of a static site, it's
handled by commit access to the repo.  If someone w/o access wants to
publish something, send the plain-text file to someone with commit access.

At GIMP, we can accept patches, or someone can just email the plain-text
files (+ assets) and one of us with commit access manages the rest.

4. Comments can be handled the same way we are currently doing it on
pixls.us, that is - an embed at the bottom of a post will display a
threaded conversation about that topic hosted on https://discuss.pixls.us.


At the end of the day we want to help, and we know that the dev team likely
would rather be hacking on Digikam.  As such, we're ready and willing to
get a new site up and running, and to help manage things.

Just let us know if we _shouldn't_ continue working on the site. :)

Also, is there a contact person for the infrastructure your running the
site on now?  I'm assuming a server that the kde folks have somewhere?


PS (interesting sidenote):
I scraped the existing site quickly to get this, and it appears to me that
over the past 5 years the _majority_ of the posts are from two submitters
(digikam + Dmitri).
A table of posts per person by year, since 2006:

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