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Chris Green cl at
Fri Mar 3 11:52:52 GMT 2017

On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 05:31:33PM +0100, Dr. Martin Senftleben wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess this has been discussed and I missed it, yet I would like to
> raise these two questions:
> 1. Why doesn't the subject line any longer include the starter
> "[digikam-user]?
> 2. Why is there no info about how to get to the mailman page in the
> footer section?
> Both are useful for handling: (1), because I can easily sort by subject
> and know, which threads belong to digikam and then decide which threads
> are worth keeping for future reference and which not, and (2) in order
> to manage my settings myself using mailman.

Lots of people *don't* like the [digikam-user] in the subject line
because they already sort mails (based on the sender) and the
[digikam-user] is simply wasted space which pushes the actual subject
off the display to the right.

> Now my inbox is just cluttered with mails from the list without being
> distinguishable easily from personal or work related mail, which
> basically raises my stress level (need to be more vigilant not to delete
> the wrong mails).

Get your sort to work on the To: or From: in the header.

Chris Green

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