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Sat Feb 25 18:05:06 GMT 2017

I read the changelog and it looks very promising.However I would like to suggest one more change for Faces.
It would be great if after typing e.g. "Gi" and press Enter digiKam would auto fill it to make "Gilles" if I don't have a "Gilbert" or any other name starting with "Gi" in my collection. Right now digiKam creates a new name "Gi".Just an idea. 
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2017-02-25 15:39 GMT+01:00 Daniel Bauer <linux at>:

just a little thing: In my digikam 5.3.0, in the album view there is no entry for "open in console" anymore. Can I add this somehow? Or will you re-add it in a future version again?
 It have been removed because this function is KDE only, do not work under MacOS and Windows, and cannot be bundled in AppImage.
If Qt5 addd this kind of function in QDesktopService API, why not. This will be portable everywhere.
A possible work around : Open album in filemanager. Dolphin for ex, can embed a konsole which will follow current selected directory.

It was very useful for me, as I sometimes run scripts for an in a specific directory, or open mc to do something and it saved me some clicks. Nothing tragic, though, but would be nice to have it back :-)



Something different: the fuzzy search function is fantastic! It helped me a lot to find duplicates I saved "somewhere" and that are not necessary, but even more it helps me to fast find quite similar images, like 70%... That's great for selection tasks. Thanks, digikam-developpers! :-)
And with 5.5.0, Mario Frank, a new developer work to 100% on this tool (and more). You will see more improvements around. See the changelog for this next release :
Gilles Caulier 


Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona

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