Sharing digiKam between Windows and Linux (no network, same machine)

Shlomi Vaknin shlomivaknin at
Wed Feb 22 18:49:47 GMT 2017

Hi, I actually have the same problem.
@Andrey, I tried that, but lots of items did not pass (probably were stored
in the DB), such as tags, descriptions etc.

Perhaps I am missing something simple, or is there another way?


On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 7:25 AM, Andrey Goreev <aegoreev at> wrote:

> I have just added the same collection twice. One was d:\Pictures while the
> other one was /media/d_drive/pictures. Worked for me.
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> Subject: Sharing digiKam between Windows and Linux (no network, same
> machine)
> Hi there,
> I've been using digiKam for Windows for a long but I find it quite slow
> and buggy and decided to move to Linux, so I installed a virtual machine in
> the very same computer and tried to access the very same DB and
> storing-directories from both "sides".
> But when I launch digiKam from Linux it tells me that it can't find the
> location of the pictures. Once launched it displays stars, tags, and even
> thumbnails but it can't open pictures, as it can't find them in the HD. My
> guess is that digiKam can't find them because the information in the DB
> regarding the location is Windows-styled, and those directories from Linux
> are structured differently (ie: C:\fotos\ for Windows and
> /media/sd_D_DRIVE/ for Linux).
> Can someone point me how to setup the DB in order to be able to open
> digiKam from Windows and Linux with the same config files? If possible...
> If not, how do you recommend me to set everything up in order to be able
> to open from both sides?
> Thanks in advance.
> BR,
> d.
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