Using digiKam with a LOT of tags

Veaceslav Munteanu veaceslav.munteanu90 at
Wed Feb 22 14:45:35 GMT 2017

I am not sure if this will help, but for QCompleter implementation,
allows to specify if the model is sorted or not.

If the elements are sorted, and we specify this with, we can get
a huge improvement, because of binary search vs normal search.

On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 6:03 PM, Gilles Caulier
<caulier.gilles at> wrote:
> Well, I know that Maik, have performed some investigations and apply some
> patches. Just report and comment on bugzilla, he is in CC. We will see...
> Gilles Caulier
> 2017-02-19 17:59 GMT+01:00 Alexander Langley
> <alexander.g.langley at>:
>> Ah, I see. I apologize for not doing sufficient research before sending
>> mail to the list. Is it possible to disable autocompletion without
>> recompiling from source?
>> - Alex
>> On Feb 19, 2017, 11:51 -0500, Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at>,
>> wrote:
>> The problem is not the tags amount in fact, and not the database.
>> The problem is located in search text widget used to filter tree-view.
>> When
>> you start digiKam the widget is populated with tags a album name to
>> provide
>> auto completion. The loop inside the Qt widget model is like O(n^2) and
>> hang-up.
>> The possible solution is to disable autocompletion in this areas for the
>> moment.
>> The problem is reported in this file :
>> .. and also already reported in this room...
>> The problem is identified at least. We need a strategy to prevent this
>> dysfunction.
>> Gilles Caulier
>> 2017-02-19 16:30 GMT+01:00 Alexander Langley
>> <alexander.g.langley at
>> :
>> Hello digiKam Users,
>> digiKam Version: 5.4.0 (via Homebrew)
>> OS: macOS
>> OS Version: 10.12.3 (Sierra)
>> PC Specs: Intel core i5, 4GB RAM
>> I'm currently working on a project that requires I use a VERY LARGE number
>> of
>> tags. And by "VERY LARGE", I mean on the order of 220,000. After reading
>> the
>> digiKam database spec, I wrote a quick Python script to read my tag set in
>> from
>> a source JSON document and add it to the digiKam database using the
>> sqlite3
>> library.
>> This did not make digiKam happy. When I attempted to launch it after
>> adding the
>> tags, it hung indefinitely at the loading screen step labeled "Reading the
>> Database..." I verified that I hadn't mangled the database format, then
>> tried
>> again, only to be met with the same hang. By reducing the number of tags
>> 85%
>> (33,000), I was able to convince digiKam to start again, but it took 10
>> minutes
>> for it to open...
>> Is this a supported use case? Is there a box I can check somewhere to
>> tweak
>> digiKam's database loading system to handle absurd numbers of tags? If
>> not,
>> would a code contribution to try to speed up tag loading be welcome?
>> - Alex

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