Workflow & More automatic import post-processing actions (eg. face recognition, quality tags, ...)

Jens Benecke jens-digikam at
Wed Feb 22 13:57:22 GMT 2017


after working with Digikam for ~18 months now, I love Digikam a lot, but I still have a few ideas for improvement and I’ll post them as bug reports but also here, for discussion. One idea is the following (

I think the face detection (with options) and sort by quality) maintenance options should be available from within import or be (optionally) automatically called after each import, since both are (typically) one-time operations that each image only needs to see once. Maybe other options too. 

But maybe I haven’t got the best image management workflow yet, and these automated actions are not required at all?
So I’ll post it here for discussion. Here’s what I do with a batch of images (not every action item is applied to every image, but most of them):

- import from camera or smartphone, sort into date-tagged albums
- Reorganize albums according to content and to have ~50..100 images per album, delete empty albums
- Name the albums according to „ Description“, e.g. „2017-02-17 Kindergarten visit to the Zoo"
- add rough rating to all images using full screen mode
  (this might be easier if a quality scan had been automatically done before)
- during the rating, remove completely blurred or accidentally taken images
- geotag all new images (here, a working geotag bookmarks system would greatly help)
- face tag all new images (this currently requires a lot of mouse clicks 
  because I have to select only the new albums and unselect the previous ones)
- for image series ("machine gun mode" of camera) use lighttable to find best image,
  group the rest behind this master image
- add more tags according to image type:
  - "for/Family" for images that I would want others to see (roughly 1 of 20)
  - "for/Nobody" for images that are nobodys business ;) 
    (here, a "hide images" option would greatly help)
  - "for/Prints" for images that are rememberable or show special occasions that
    I might later want in a photo book or cards, and where the quality is really good
- add more tags according to image content: Type/Text, Type/Nature, Type/City, Type/Crowd, Type/Sunset, etc -you get the idea
- add name tags for images that contain people where the face isn't visible well
  enough, just to be able to find those images by searching for the person's name.
- comment on special images or images with content that needs explanation. :-)

Is there anything missing? ;-)

I would like to get this workflow (or a slightly modified one, I'm open for ideas) to be as streamlined as possible.
More automatic post-import actions would help a lot here.

Thank you!

Jens Benecke - jens at
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