Missing menus

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sat Feb 18 22:42:00 GMT 2017


Did you try pressing Ctrl + M in the windoe missing the menubar?

lørdag den 18. februar 2017 11.59.29 CET skrev Derek Keats:
> Just wondering if there is anyone here who uses Digikam on Ubuntu 16.10.
> When I open the photo editor for the first time, there is a menu, but if I
> close it an open it again, there is no menu. That is a bit of a show
> stopper. Has anyone else seen this and found a fix?
> I have tried all the fixes that I can find mentioned in various forums.
> Nothing seems to work.
> I use Digikam every day, so this is a killer for me, hence I will try
> ANYTHING at this stage, even a vague hint!
> Thanks
> Derek

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