Help me import edited 'versions' of images from Picasa

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Mon Feb 6 09:29:44 GMT 2017

Hey all,

I'm new to Digikam and looking to move from Picasa.  I've been impressed by
Digikam's non-destructive versioning and want to use it to retain my Picasa
edits by:

- exporting all edited photos from Picasa
- adding '_v1' to their filenames
- adding Digikam's versioning XML to 'ImageHistory' field in the XMP tag of
each edited image

Digikam should then link the edited version with the original, and then
hide the original in the thumbnail browser as the original 'version'.

Does anyone know where I can find the specification for Digikam's
versioning XML, so I can work out how to write my own XML into the images?
I can see the basic structure after performing a resize etc., but ideally I
want to keep things simple and record each edited version as 'Edited by
Picasa' without having to work out what the edit actually was.

I'm not sure if it's possible to define a generic 'version' in the XML
without specifying a 'filter' and 'parameters' (e.g. a resize with
coordinates, etc.), but would like to find out.

If I can get this to work I will happily share my script with the community
as there might be others looking to move from Picasa who would like to
maintain their edits alongside their originals.

Thanks for your help,

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