How Do I Rename an Album ???

Stuart T Rogers stuart at
Sun Feb 5 10:05:55 GMT 2017

I did ask about this last year. I have two albums which are actually 
directory names on disk. Both properties and rename are greyed out, one 
shows as Graphics1 and the other as /home/stuart/Work/Graphics, so you 
can see this uses the full path where as the other simply uses the 
directory name. What I wanted to do was rename the one which uses the 
full path to just use the final part of the directory name ie. Grpahics.

It makes no sense that they are named differently as the are both 
directories in the Work folder. This is on Linux (obviously). How on 
earth did this happen?


On 05/02/17 09:48, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Album rename only work with Physical Album (folder in disk).
> This can be improved in the future.
> To rename Virtual Album, use contextual menu over tree-view, and use
> properties option.
> Gilles Caulier
> 2017-02-05 8:18 GMT+01:00 BuckSkin <dmnmcg60 at
> <mailto:dmnmcg60 at>>:
>     I have a couple albums/collections that I would like to rename.
>     When I hi-lite the album in the left pane and open the "album" menu, the
>     choice "rename" is greyed out and does nothing.
>     I have tried every possibility I could think of and still cannot rename
>     these albums.
>     Using Windows 7; thanks for reading.
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