Delete Album / Directory - Windows

Stefan Schuster stefan.schuster at
Sat Jul 9 12:09:49 BST 2016

I have two problems with the Windows Version (5.0.0) on Windows 10 64 Bit.


The 64bit Version does not start - there is only a Windows exception
(0xc000007b) and nothing happens. Now I tried it with the 32bit Version -
and it's working. Seems that the 64bit build is faulty.

There is a problem while deleting albums / directories. I can delete images
without any problem - but when I delete an album (right click -> "delete
album") nothing happens. The album is still visible in the album-list - and
it still exists in the filesystem. (But I can't access the folder).

After closing "digiKam" the directory vanishes without any further action. I
think there is a "lock-problem" or something like that.


Any ideas?



Thanks and best regards from gemany


Stefan Schuster

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