[Digikam-users] Playing videos in V5

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Jul 25 10:40:49 BST 2016

Le 25/07/2016 à 11:12, Stuart T Rogers a écrit :
> I have been doing a little more digging and apparently gstreamer-0_10
> seems quite old and I was able to un-install it with no problems so now
> I have only gstreamer 1.8.2 installed with all the appropriate plugins
> etc and yet I still have the problem in digikam.
> So I guess I still need some help in debugging this if anyone has any
> ideas please?

two things:

* for what I understand from the Gilles answer, digikam have to be 
compiled with special options to connect to gstreamer.

* how do you try to run the video? I have to right clic, then choose 
"open" to have a video run in digikaml


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