[Digikam-users] configuration location

Simon Frei freisim93 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 13:33:43 BST 2016

When trying to setup digikam5 for production I looked at config and 
database location. Database location is covered by digikam's 
manpage/help message, but not the configuration. I remember it was 
possible to set it in an earlier version, possibly by "--config <path>". 
>From a look at the parser in the code this does not seem to be supported 
anymore. Could this be reintroduced?
Is there a reason config files are by standard in ~/.config/ and not in 
~/.config/digikam/? The latter would be much more neat.
And in general the help message/manpage is very minimal. As there is no 
recent documentation for digikam, some information like standard 
configuration location should be given in the manpage or help message. 
If you can point me to the relevant code sections I could try to come up 
with something.
On a side note: Digikam5 still creates an sqlite database called 
"digikam4.db". Is this because the schema is version 4 or was it just 
forgotten to be updated to "digikam5.db"?


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