[Digikam-users] Question to users of my Digikam 5 PPA for Ubuntu

Kim kim.mills at wightman.ca
Wed Jul 6 02:27:29 BST 2016

Philip, is your PPA for Digikam 5 compatible with Linux Mint 17.3?  I 
use it for version 4 but it's not installing version 5 for me.


On 16-07-03 03:45 PM, Philip Johnsson wrote:
> Then I understand it as you guys want digikam 4 and digikam 5 packages 
> as they are during the beta testing phase on my PPA so you can 
> continue to use both until you upgrade to Ubuntu 16.10 (yakkety) that 
> most likely will be the first Ubuntu release that will come with 
> official Digikam 5 packages? Both digkam 4.14 and digikam 5.x will be 
> able to be used on the same system.
> In that case I just update the digikam5 kipi-plugins5 and showfoto5 
> packages to 5.0 final when it's released as the betas have been 
> updated before.
> /Philip

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