[Digikam-users] How to work on mobility on a copy of database

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Jan 23 10:30:45 GMT 2016

Le 23/01/2016 10:29, Manuel Bock a écrit :

> 3. the disk holds a common picture (just white noise or whatever you
> like) tagged with ALL my tags to make sure, the tags tree on both
> computers is in sync. Whenever I modify the tags tree on one
> computer, I make sure, that all new tags get marked for that picture

pretty good idea :-)

> b. I don’t add folder information like icon, folder category or
> comments on the laptop - this is not stored on the disc, just in the
> local database and I didn’t find a way to transfer that without
> having to export/adjust/import database information

could it be possible to dd a feature in Digikam, that is a global (or by 
album) xml file with these infos?


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