[Digikam-users] digiKam and floating point tiffs and openexr files

Elle Stone ellestone at ninedegreesbelow.com
Sun Jan 10 16:38:13 GMT 2016

On 01/08/2016 02:07 AM, Maik Qualmann wrote:
>> Here's the link:
>> http://ninedegreesbelow.com/bug-reports/digikam/hdr1-linear-srgb.tif.zip

The original tiff from the above link was made using a custom camera 
profile which produced some oddly oversaturated blues. In the 
above-linked zip file, I replaced the original tiff with a tiff made 
using pfstools, dcraw, and the dcraw default matrix profile.

> Many Thanks! This image is not yet working, it has an alpha channel (RGBA).
> Support of alpha channel I have to write also.

The replacement tiff still has an alpha channel and also an embedded 
thumbnail. So the zip file also includes a second smaller version 
without an alpha channel and also without a thumbnail.

If you'd like variations such as compressed tiff, 16-bit floating point 
tiff, etc, let me know.

>> Do you want any comparison screenshots? (darktable, GIMP, etc)?
> A screenshot of Gimp would be good. My Gimp version (2.8.16) can not yet 32
> bits TIFF images load.

GIMP 2.8 probably never will be able to load floating point tiffs. Here 
are links to screenshots of high bit depth GIMP 2.9.3 from git and 
darktable 2.0.0, both displaying the floating point tiff:




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