[Digikam-users] How to work on mobility on a copy of database

Laurent Hugé root at hugeworld.eu
Sun Jan 10 09:01:20 GMT 2016

Hi everybody,

Please be gentle for my English...
I've tried and found an solution for my problem, but I'm beginning to 
wonder if Digikam is able to work in my way (and that could be my end 
with that wonderful tool, sadly)...

At my work, I use to work on Digikam on a powerful computer, enough to 
work fast on pictures.
But for professional reasons, I'm obliged to travel a lot, and I want to 
work on a copy of the Digikam directory (in case my laptop is stolen, of 
course, but also because I use an internal drive at work, which can't be 
To synchronise the two directories, I use Unison, but I think it doesn't 

But I can't propagate the modifications of my database on my computer at 
work : event if the database is copied, it keep displaying the older 
flags and notations...
Googling a while, I've understood that the UUID of the drive is recorded 
in database, but in my case the UUID doesn't change.

Is there's a way to copy the database from one drive to another so that 
Digikam use it correctly ?

Thanks in advance,
Laurent Hugé

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