UpdateSchemaFromV7ToV8 fails

Mikael Kujanpää mahead80 at nic.fi
Tue Aug 30 20:58:17 BST 2016

Maik Qualmann kirjoitti 30.08.2016 22:27:
> Sorry, if not used the internal MySQL server, the line must be added to 
> the
> global my.cnf file or ~/.my.cnf.

Noup. I wasn't sure which ~/.my.cnf should I use (my local workstation, 
or server, and what user?), so I first added it to for my local user 
(MySQL server is running on different machine). I followed if Digikam 
accesses the file by using "inotifywait -m .my.cnf". No-one read it, so 
next thing I did was to add the line for server master config (under 
[mysqld]) and restarted the MySQL server. But no luck, everything 
remains as they were.


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