UpdateSchemaFromV7ToV8 fails

Mikael Kujanpää mahead80 at nic.fi
Tue Aug 30 19:01:31 BST 2016

Maik Qualmann kirjoitti 30.08.2016 20:19:
> Can you add this line to the local digikam $HOME/.local/share/digikam/
> mysql.conf file?
> innodb-large-prefix=true

I did. The file didn't exist before (directory was there), so I created 
the file and added just that one line there. The dbconfig.xml is the 
same that you provided earlier.

mkujanpa at earth:~/.local/share/digikam$ digikam
digikam.general: AlbumWatch use QFileSystemWatcher
QFileSystemWatcher::removePaths: list is empty
digikam.general: Database Parameters:
    Type:                     "QMYSQL"
    DB Core Name:             "digikamdb"
    DB Thumbs Name:           "digikamthumbdb"
    DB Face Name:             "digikamfacedb"
    Connect Options:          ""
    Host Name:                "neptunus"
    Host port:                3306
    Internal Server:          false
    Internal Server Path:     ""
    Internal Server Serv Cmd: ""
    Internal Server Init Cmd: ""
    Username:                 "digikam"
    Password:                 "XXXXXXXXX"

digikam.dbengine: Loading SQL code from config file 
digikam.dbengine: Checking XML version ID => expected:  3  found:  3
digikam.coredb: Core database: running schema update
digikam.coredb: Core database: have a structure version  7
digikam.coredb: Core database: makeUpdates  7  to  8
digikam.dbengine: Failure executing query:
Error messages: "QMYSQL: Kyselyn suorittaminen epäonnistui" "Specified 
key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes" 1071 2
Bound values:  ()
digikam.dbengine: Error while executing DBAction [ 
"UpdateSchemaFromV7ToV8" ] Statement [ "ALTER TABLE Albums\n             
                            ADD CONSTRAINT Albums_AlbumRoots FOREIGN KEY 
CASCADE,\n                                        ADD UNIQUE (albumRoot, 
relativePath(190)),\n                                        ENGINE 
InnoDB;" ]
digikam.coredb: Core database: schema update to V 8 failed!
digikam.coredb: Core database: cannot process schema initialization


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