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2016-08-29 18:30 GMT+02:00 Dr. Martin Senftleben <drmartinus at>:

> Hi,
> sometimes I get really frustrated with digikam (and other softwares).
> New versions aren't necessarily an improvement (what some people believe
> make it more intuitive and easier to use, is for others a real pain).
> I'm not sure, if this has been on the list already.
> Digikam version 5.1, 64-bit.
> I just wanted to upload pictures to flickr. Well, my login data is not
> present (I've used that tool since Digikam 2 or so). So I have to create
> a new connection.

This is normal due to Qt5 port which ask to Qt to start the default web
browser set in your desktop (Linux, OSX and Windows)

> I follow the instructions, i.e. I do what is said on
> the browser screen. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the default
> browser Firefox does according to yahoo not allow cookies, which is
> wrong.

Really. I use also firefox with my Flickr account and it work fine here.
Just tested.

> It does allow cookies. But because of this I cannot log in. The
> upload tool for flickr hence cannot proceed, and I am stuck with all the
> images I want to, but can't upload. I tried logging in with another
> browser, but that doesn't work it seems (I can log in, but the flickr
> tool does not realize it).

Hum sound like wrong config/install of FF...

In your desktop settings you cannot switch to another web browser ?

Gilles Caulier
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