digiKam and Showfoto documentation : we needs contributors

Carsten Fuchs carsten.fuchs at cafu.de
Sun Aug 28 09:52:56 BST 2016

Am 2016-08-28 um 10:27 schrieb Gilles Caulier:
> No. I never hear about this tool...
> But in fact, the docbook syntaxt used to write the handbook is not
> complicated, as it's really limited to few XML sentences to build
> section, link, title, and screenshot.

I used to write all my documentation in LaTeX, HTML (more or less 
handwritten), a couple of other formats and (many years ago) made an 
attempt at DocBook, rejecting it as I just found it too complicated to 
deal with (a lot more complicated than LaTeX).

Recently I had to redo a documentation that was originally written in 
Word, using the opportunity to try out AsciiDoc(tor), using PanDoc for 
the conversion. It took a bit to set up and get used to (mostly because 
I normally don't deal with Ruby), and I've only begun with it, but so 
far, I'm very happy. It's the first tool that I use whose main purpose 
is to generate DocBook output (although I'll likely skip that and take 
the HTML, PDF and e-Book output directly).

Best regards,

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