Right sidebar geolocation map updates inconsistently

Tom Cunningham TWCunningham627 at outlook.com
Wed Aug 24 18:30:14 BST 2016

Don't know if this is actually a problem with digiKam or just my settings, but in a folder where all pictures are geotagged and the right sidebar geolocation map is active, selecting a given picture in the folder will update the geolocation map per the photo coordinates, but with another picture the map will not update (as if there were no geotags in the metadata for that photo).  If I open the geolocation editor for the latter photo, however, the coordinates are there and the editor map is correct.  I just discovered if I then apply the settings in the geolocation editor the right sidebar map will be "fixed," and subsequent selection of the photo in the preview pane will correctly update the right sidebar map.  Now I'm wondering why the inconsistency, and if there is any way to batch fix this problem without going through the geolocation editor song-and-dance for each affected photo.
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