Problems with digiKam 5.1.0

Elle Stone ellestone at
Mon Aug 15 22:33:46 BST 2016

On 08/15/2016 05:11 PM, Gilles Caulier wrote:

>             Here's what I want digiKam to do:
>             Step 1. Upon adding new files to the database, read the
>         image files
>             *once* to get the tags. And then *never* read the image
>         files again.
>         Do you mean the automatic scan for new item at start up ? There
>         is an
>         option to disable it on Setup/Misc
>     I do want digiKam to scan for new items. What I don't want is for
>     digiKam to read the information from old items again and again and
>     again. I don't want digiKam to monitor for changes in the metadata
>     in files that are already in the database. Read once and then never
>     read again.
> digiKam never do that.

My apologies, I don't understand. What is it that digiKam never does?

Are you saying digiKam only reads the metadata from a file once, upon 

Or are you saying that digiKam always checks for changes in files that 
are already in the database, and this behavior can't be disabled?

>             Step 2. Normally only write to the database. Never write to the
>             image files and also don't write to XMP sidecar files.
>         See Setup/Metadata configuration.
>     Well, I've already done my best to make the right configuration
>     settings. But I'm not sure I made the right choices:
>     * I unchecked everyting on the Metadata Behavior tab.
>     * On the Rotation tab I selected Rotate by only setting a flag.
>     * I don't know what to do with the Advanced Configuration tab. But I
>     made some changes to that tab and upon restarting digikam the
>     changes were "undone".

Are these the right settings?

> No Dbus is a communication chanel between Linux applications. this has
> nothing to do with metadata.
> But the error is suspect about Linux desktop stability.

I'm not sure what you mean - my Linux IceWM desktop has seemed rock 
solid for as long as I've been running Linux, which is since 2007. I've 
been running pretty much the same mix of KDE and GTK apps the whole time.


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