[Digikam-users] Any way to edit XMP IPTC subject field?

Erick Moreno erickmoreno at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 04:39:40 BST 2016

HI guys,

I'm running the excelent DK 5.0.0 on Ubuntu from the excelent Philip's ppa.

Now I'm working for a company that uses (XMP) IPTC metadata to tag and
track images. Because of them I need to add some information on my pictures.

I have no problems with the fields "creator" and "rights", more
specifically: XMP IPTC dc:creator and dc:rights, since I can create a new
"information model" With these parameters.

The problem is with the dc:subject field. I can`t put anything in this
field using the new model wizard, since the "subject tab" is disabled with
everything grayed and I didn't figured out any other way to set this field.

So, I want to ask:
1 - Why is the "subject" tab disabled
2 - There is any way to set diferent values for diferent images in this
IPTC field?

Thanks in advance
*Erick Moreno*
google.com/+ErickMoreno <https://google.com/+ErickMoreno/about>
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