[Digikam-users] panorama stitching requirements not fulfilled

CD Grässer cd.graesser at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 18:07:36 GMT 2015

OK Philip,
That was important infomation to me to know that i can uninstall hugin without loosing DigiKam. I appreciate much your ppa and your work there!

Then I deinstalled Hugin and tried to compile hugin-2013.0 my self (for the first time) - but ended after using the compile help on hugins page: http://wiki.panotools.org/Hugin_Compiling_ubuntu with this error after 12% make: 
*src/hugin_base/lensdb/LensDB.cpp:630:18:* *error: *‘*LF_DIST_MODEL_FOV1*’ was not declared in this scope case LF_DIST_MODEL_FOV1:

How have you solved the problem that pto2mk is missing in Panorama stitching in DigiKam 4.14 under kubuntu 15.10?


Am Sunday 22 November 2015, 16:34:49 schrieb Philip Johnsson:

HiJust want to point it out. I don't have Hugin on my PPA for Ubuntu 15.10 so you install the official Ubuntu packages for it if you don't have it from any other 3rd party source. Might not solve your problem though.
On Nov 21, 2015 12:34, "CD Grässer" <cd.graesser at gmail.com[1]> wrote:

Can someone help how to uninstall hugin that come with digikam 4.14 from phillips ppa under kubuntu 15.10 and install the working Hugin 2013
Am Sunday 01 November 2015, 18:32:47 schrieb Antonio Trincone:

I have had the same problem some days ago running digikam 4.12 installed from repository of the brand new kubuntu 15.10 64 bit. Funny thing (to me at least) was that using hugin which was installed together with this digikam version I was able to get some panorama stiching well working. Perhaps this info could be of help to someone hopefully.

Il giorno dom 1 nov 2015 alle ore 19:26 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com[3]> ha scritto:

yes, same problem here...

I use panorama tool each week end.

Typically, you must install Hugin 2013.0. All most recent version do not work: 2014.0 give a mess, and 2015.0 has new tool names. 2013.0 work perfectly. I recompiled myself hugin at that all.

So, please fill a file in KDE/kipiplugins/panorama bugzilla section about his topic. Benjamin Girault who maintain this tool is busy at work but he promise to look code ASAP when it's possible.

Gilles Caulier

2015-11-01 19:15 GMT+01:00 Dr. Martin Senftleben <drmartinus at drmartinus.de[4]>:


I just got an update on my system and am now running digikam 4.14.0 onKDE 4.14.13. The distro is Manjaro 64 bit.I wanted to stitch a panorama image which worked previously quite wellbut found that one package is missing: "pto2mk".I tried "download" and landed at the "hugin" site. So I checked mysystem and found that hugin is installed, but doesn't provide pto2mk(but all other kinds of pto* files). Is there a change in file structureor would I have to download another package?

Thanks in advance!

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