[Digikam-users] Mysql/MariaDb database expert needs...

Richard Mortimer richm+digikam at oldelvet.org.uk
Wed Nov 18 12:34:00 GMT 2015

On 18/11/2015 12:02, Henrique Santos Fernandes wrote:
>     MariaDB [(none)]>  show grants for 'digikam'@'localhost';     
>     +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
>     | Grants for digikam at localhost
>                                                                                       |
>     +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
>     | GRANT SUPER ON *.* TO 'digikam'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD
>     '*B86D61DED45FEAAB193591C66C302416B0E64CA6' |
>     | GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `digikamcoredb`.* TO 'digikam'@'localhost'
>                                                 |
>     | GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `digikamthumbsdb`.* TO
>     'digikam'@'localhost'                                           |
>     | GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `digikamfacedb`.* TO 'digikam'@'localhost'
>                                                 |
>     +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
>     4 rows in set (0.00 sec)
>     Gilles
> I am no expert but it seens that user 'digikam'@'localhost' dont need a
> password to the databases digikamcoredb, digikamthumbsdb and digikamfacedb
> It only need password when using things when need super privileges right?
No. The password is a global connection setting for that user/host
combination and applies to all databases.

I really am surprised that digikam needs SUPER privileges. Usual setup
would be to set the password using USAGE privilege.


If SUPER really is required I suspect it is because of the stored
procedure that is used to emulate "IF EXISTS" when adding the indexes.
Even then I would suspect that we could come up with a reduced set of
privileges to access the "mysql" meta database.

I'm trying to find the time to build myself a copy of git against Ubuntu
14.04 (trusty) so that I can give this a look. Does anyone know if the
qt5 library versions included with trusty are recent enough or do I need
to load a PPA from somewhere? I digikam from the philip5/extra/ubuntu
trusty PPA installed already.



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