[Digikam-users] Access Pictures on a Server

Alan Pater alan.pater at gmail.com
Fri May 29 13:55:13 BST 2015

File browser or Web browser?  Some file browsers can search and sort
by tags, acting like a simple photo gallery. As far as I know, no Web
browser has a built in image gallery function.

There are lots of free gallery type applications for all the different
operating systems. Your family and friends don't need a full
management application like digikam if all they need to do is view and
sort images.

If you run a web server, you can run a image gallery on that. there
are various free software options out there. Some are pretty basic,
others are more for large organization, such as ResourceSpace.

In any case, it is assumed that you have configured digikam to write
tag metadata to the images.

> 2015-05-29 12:26 GMT+02:00 Mick Sulley <mick at sulley.info>:
>> I would like to store pictures on a server and give remote access to them
>> for my family and friends but with the ability to view and select by tags.
>> I know that this is possible with a full install of DigiKam on each of their
>> computers, but is there any way to achieve on my server, so that it could be
>> viewed in a browser?

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