[Digikam-users] Long database sync

Noeck noeck.marburg at gmx.de
Wed May 13 18:18:09 BST 2015

Hi Gilles,

thanks for your reply and for confirming my guesses. Please find answers
to your questions inline.

>> I chose "From image metadata to database" and not
>> "From database to image metadata", so according to my understanding,
>> only the database changes. And indeed the image files were not modified
>> (according to the file system).
> yes exactly, but... image metadata must be read to re-populate DB.
> It's delegate to Exiv2 shared library.

Ok. But read not written and the system monitor showed it as written.

>> In the end, the mentioned database sync took 25h with a constant write
>> rate of 12 - 15 MB/s. Which naively calculated sums up to 1.2 TB (!).
> I don't understand this value. Are you sure that 15 MB/s is for
> writing and not reading ?

Yes. This is what astonishes me.

>> What puzzles me is that the sum of all images is only 200 GB (50k files)
>> so much less than the data written to disk.
> Possible problem can be relevant of a bug about wrong albums list
> passed to maintenance tools, discovered recently and fixed in 4.10.0
> Q : did you use multicore option in Maintenance dialog ?

No this was done without the multicore option. So there might be some
gain here. However it seems pretty much i/o bound.

And I chose all albums and all tags (no selection here). I was wondering
if that scans all files twice?

Is 4.10 already in the ppa for ubuntu, I could test it then.


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