[Digikam-users] Long database sync

Noeck noeck.marburg at gmx.de
Sun May 10 22:54:18 BST 2015

By Henrique Santos Fernandes:

> So it is going trought all you pictures and writing the data in it.
> Thats maybe why that much disk activity.

Thanks for your reply. I chose "From image metadata to database" and not
"From database to image metadata", so according to my understanding,
only the database changes. And indeed the image files were not modified
(according to the file system).

In the end, the mentioned database sync took 25h with a constant write
rate of 12 - 15 MB/s. Which naively calculated sums up to 1.2 TB (!).
The database only grew from 89 MB to 91 MB.

My guess was that the database is updated for each file seperately and
completely, no matter whether it contained changes or not. Such that all
this amount of written data replaces the previous content – this would
explain why no additional space was used (free space on disk only
reduced by a few MBs).

The thumbnails-digikam.db was not updated at the same time (no time
stamp change). It has 950 MB.

What puzzles me is that the sum of all images is only 200 GB (50k files)
so much less than the data written to disk.

Thanks for all further insights,

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