[Digikam-users] Long database sync

Noeck noeck.marburg at gmx.de
Sat May 9 19:51:16 BST 2015


I did Extras > Management… (Extras > Wartung… in German) in my digikam
4.9 installation from the ppa. And then I did a database sync from the
files to the database.

It takes hours (after 4h it currently reached 14%) and it shows a high
disk write rate: 14MB/s. Why does it write so much and where? The
database size does not change much (in those 4 hours it has grown by
1MB) and the image files do not seem to be touched (as expected when
doing a sync files->database). If it just changes the database contents
with 14MB/s, couldn't it do that in memory and then dump the result into
the file only once?

So where does it write to with 14MB/s?

Thanks for clarification,

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