[Digikam-users] Showing *.svg files in digiKam

Bruno Baumgärtner bruno13 at scotnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 10:59:31 GMT 2015


First of all, let me thank the developers of digiKam for their wonderful 
application. I use it since many years, mostly for file management. I use it less 
for picture manipulation, I do that via Gimp. The really important parts for me 
are picture search and decisions to keep them or delete them.

Since I vectorise some of my photos with Inkscape or via a website I am missing 
that digiKam is registering and showing these photographic pictures. This is very 
annoying, as I usually use digiKam to quickly search a picture I need.

Imagine: I have a folder called «wallpapers» in which I load all my wallpapers. I 
crop and resize them to fit my screen exactly. At present I have 1 jpg, 15 png and 
17 svg files. 16 of the 33 pictures are not presented.

I consider them equally important as a pixel picture.

I would agree, digiKam has no obligation to develop more that the pure 
presentation of the pic in the appropriate folders and giving on the sideboard 
about the identical picture-information as with photos plus the usual file 
management tools. like renaming and so on.

The astonishing part is, that «showPhoto» can present my *.svg files. However, 
there are a few features I use on digiKam, which I can not find in showPhoto, see 
previous paragraph.

As I do produce work mostly for browsers and a less for printing, it is well 
possible to include svg-files directly instead of other files, like jpg, png, 
tiffs, gifs etc. and probably by now 90% of all browsers can show them.

So, times have proceeded forwards and I think, vectorised picture have a right to 
be presented in any good picture management software.

Best regards
Bruno Baumgärtner

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